Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For you Wootaholics (Wootoffers? Wooter... nevermind)

So my comrade t is constantly going on about Woot, their Woot-offs, etc etc etc. So when I was reading the Consumerist this afternoon, I saw this headline come up...

Woot Customer Demands Non-Existent Black iPod Headphones

I almost immediately thought of him. If it was a Zune, maybe it'd be immediate. But I digest.

Anyway, the story is Woot sending into Consumerist for advice on how to deal with a customer who is giving them grief because the Black iPod they bought came with (*gasp*) white earbuds!

Holy@##$! Now everyone will see that your earbuds don't match the iPod that's in your pocket... oh, wait....

Someone said send the customer a Sharpee. Personally I think they've been sniffing too many of them.

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